oregonian girl

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Well I am back... Let's see if I can find some stuff to blog about. :)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


George the Cat. George is one of my oldest cats. He has about 2 teeth left and always has slober on his chin. I love him dearly. I will introduce one of my cats each day. Bare with me, I am learning to blog :)

Another of George...wait he blinked...

I took 3 more pictures and George blinked 3 more times... I'll have to get one of him outside sometime. Anyways, that is my kitty George.
I am watching the Charger game. The score is 21-21... oy! I hope they win, wow, my mom would be so happy! Ok, I am going to publish this and hope it works right... Go Chargers!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

The first pic is my backyard like 10 minutes ago, frozen! And the second picture is Aaron on the snow day this week, Thursday...

It is so cold inside my houose right now... I'll show you what I am wearing!

Very super incredibly COLD! Our main central heater does not work so all we have is our wood stove for heat. I am trying to conserve wood and only light it at night. That is when you really need to be warm anyways... Aaron is putting on a pot of HOT coffee and I think I am going to take a long HOT shower to warm up!


Friday, January 12, 2007

Ok, Lemme go and grab my camera... or search my docs for a pic to see if this works... hold on!

Ok, here is a pic from 1-6-07 of Aaron and I. It was a multi-birthday party. Celebrated for Aaron, my sister and my nephew. All of their bdays fall within the first week of New Years. For those of you that know Aaron, doesn't he look like he is getting so big??? He is taller than me already, although I do not admit it :) It is an authority issue. I do not care if he gets to be 6'2", I still will not admit he is taller than me :D


Ah ha! Ok, I have upgraded Blogger and see the pic pic..hehehe I will find something worthy to post about... or something totally totally lame. :)
Ok, it is 1-12-06 and I am ready to blog...hehehe

It is my 12th day of unemployment and I feel Blogging might be therapeutic for me. I kept asking myself, what should I blog about??? I am going to take a pic a day and say something about it. How 'bout that?I will also inevitably talk about exercising or calories...seems as I always do. I am kind of fanatical about it. Now, I did not say I was skinny...just fanatical about exercise and calories, crazy huh?

Ok, now to figure out how to post a pic...I do not see an "insert pic" button. I see a spell check, which I just use...any help????

I'd appreciate any help with pics, just tell me where to look I am very intuitive with computers...

Friday, December 29, 2006

oregonian girl
Hey! So what happened to all my old posts, I cannot find them... hummm...

My last day working here at the Moving Company, I'll Blog more later...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

oregonian girl
Gee! I have not been on in sooooooo long. Things are good. Still single but I am happy. Aaron has grown so much! I will post some pictures! Still working at the moving company.... I'll have to find some good juicy stuff to blog on! Comment if your out there!